Unlocking Style Transformation: 4 Key Differences Between Stylists and Style Coaches

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If you’ve reached that point where you’re READY to refresh your image and believe a little assistance could make a big difference, reaching out to a fashion pro is always a wise choice. Whether it’s hiring a stylist or consulting with a style coach, there are resources out there to help you curate your dream closet and create outfits that suit your fashion sense, budget, and lifestyle.

But what’s the difference between a stylist and a style coach? Both professionals excel in making you feel fantastic in your attire, yet their approaches to perfecting your look diverge significantly. In this article, we’ll discuss the four key differences between these fashion experts to help you choose the best option for elevating your personal brand.

1. Roles and Goals

A stylist mainly focuses on creating visually appealing and on-trend outfits for magazines, fashion brands, and A-listers. You’ll find them on photoshoots, fashion shows, and sometimes working with private clients for special occasions or red carpet events. Their expertise lies in selecting clothing, accessories, and makeup to craft a complete look.

A style coach, in contrast, focuses on helping people develop and express their personal style and image. They work with clients on a one-on-one basis to understand their lifestyle, personality, and fashion preferences. Style coaches provide guidance on building a versatile and cohesive wardrobe, boosting confidence, and improving overall self-presentation.

2. Clientele

Stylists often work behind the scenes, collaborating with photographers, designers, and models. They may also work on unique or special projects, but their primary role is to curate outfits for a professionally-organized event.

On the other hand, style coaches have a more direct and personal relationship with their clients.

They spend time understanding their clients’ goals, lifestyles, and preferences to help them build a long-lasting and authentic personal style.

3. Special Events vs. Timeless Closets

Stylists select clothing and accessories for specific occasions or purposes. Their focus is on creating a one-off look that usually won’t ever be worn in the same way again. The looks they present may be timeless, but the work isn’t necessarily an ongoing affair.

In contrast, style coaches assist clients in building a versatile and functional wardrobe that suits their everyday life. They emphasize the development of a signature style that can be developed and maintained over the long term, and a well-established and ongoing relationship is key for the holistic support they provide.

4. Style Education

Stylists are often trendsetters, helping their clients push the boundaries of fashion and make a statement in a magazine. Their goal is not necessarily to teach you how to replicate an outfit, but rather share their expertise to create specific looks.

Style coaches, in comparison, include their clients in every style decision, and aim to educate them on how to make impactful wardrobe choices in the future. Style coaches don’t make their clients fit into any current trends, but rather select the trends and timeless styles that work for their clients.

Is Hiring a Stylist or a Style Coach Right for You?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to hiring a stylist or style coach:

How well do you know your style?

If you already have a strong understanding of your personal style, a stylist can source pieces and add their own magic to your looks. Stylists save you time and encourage you to articulate your existing aesthetic with flair.

If navigating the path to your authentic style feels like a maze, a style coach is your ideal ally. They equip you with essential tools to streamline the shopping process, manage your wardrobe efficiently, curate fresh ensembles, and stay up-to-date with trends. With their guidance, you’ll unlock the clarity and confidence necessary to unleash your creativity and truly own your unique style.

What does your lifestyle look like?

If you already have a set routine but would like some help for special events, a stylist can quickly find the perfect pieces. Whether it’s a killer dress or a statement vacation dress, a stylist provides extra support when you’re too busy to shop.

A style coach can be helpful when you are going through a transition in life and don’t have a strong style foundation. Whether you’re changing careers, moving cities, or feeling confused about maternity and postpartum fashion, a style coach can help you build a wardrobe during your most vulnerable season.

Work with your closet or start fresh?

Hiring a stylist is a great choice if you already have a strong closet. A stylist can help you create new outfit combinations with existing pieces, or source impactful additions to elevate your wardrobe.

But if you don’t already have a foundational wardrobe that makes you feel good, a style coach may be a better choice. A style coach will help you find staple pieces to build the foundation of your style, and teach you how to shop for your own lifestyle, body, and budget in the future.

Elevate Your Style with a Little Help!

No matter what your style goals are, hiring a stylist or style coach is a positive step in helping you connect with your identity and face the world as your truest self.

And if hiring a style coach resonates with your goals, then Innata can help you get started! My name is Raquel, and my fashion expertise will help you kickstart your fashion evolution and hone a perfect wardrobe that will carry you through life in style. My approach draws from science and psychology to provide you with tools and the guidance required to craft your perfect look once and for all.

Schedule a quick chat with me today to start your fashion journey!

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