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What Is Style Coaching?

50% fashion,
50% inner-growth

Style coaching, also known as image consulting, focuses on enhancing personal style, clothing choices, and overall image. It's a 50% fashion, 50% inner growth approach, aiming for lasting changes inside and out.

Style coaches work with clients to develop a unique and authentic personal style that aligns with their personality, lifestyle, and goals. The outcome? Clients experience a lasting sense of confidence and comfort in their fashion decisions.

Whether you’re dressing for the office, a vacation, a party, or just running errands, you'll consistently exude an undeniable sense of confidence and ease.

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French Salad Outfit Formula Course


Revitalize your style in 10 minutes

Discover The French Salad Outfit Formula – a playful and effortless method to infuse creativity into your every outfits (using the clothes that you already have!)

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With the French salad Outfit FREE mini-Course

I usually avoid fashion advice that promises a world-changing impact, as it often makes me feel pressured to buy things that don't align with my style. However, this course is different. It validated my existing wardrobe and motivated me to explore it in exciting new ways. No pressure to buy or be someone else. Thank you, Raquel!

Liz A. | Investment Executive

The French Salad Mini Course did the impossible in just a few minutes—changed the way I think about style. Packed with down-to-earth tips and eye-opening insights, it's like a speedy journey to rediscovering my personal style. Who knew it could be this easy?

Anne T. | Attorney

For someone who loves black—I barely own any colors and prints—I thought I was condemned to dullness. But now, with The French Salad Outfit Formula, I can create multidimensional outfits that bring life to my wardrobe. No more feeling plain. I'm rocking outfits that make me feel like confident in my style.

Virginia W. | Founder and CEO

Style Coaching is For You If…

You’re ready to master your signature look.

Whether you love fashion but struggle to integrate it into your daily life or find shopping overwhelming, Style Coaching will give you the knowledge and confidence to craft stylish outfits, perfect your signature look, and shop with self-assurance.

There’s a major fashion myth out there: dressing well is a mysterious art that you’re either born with or need to spend a lot of money and time to master.It’s time to bust that myth.

With the right strategies and support, ANYONE can become an expert in their personal style.

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What Our Well-Dressed Clients Have to Say

"saved me money by teaching me exactly what looks good on my body... so I don’t get overwhelmed when shopping"

Raquel has been a style game-changer during my pregnancy! Not only did she expertly guide me on how to dress and feel confident during this special time, but she also helped me simplify my wardrobe, find stylish outfits for various occasions (baby shower, my graduation, babymoon), and even saved me money by teaching me exactly what looks good on my body - colors, shapes, and textures - so I don’t get overwhelmed when shopping. Thanks to her inval


"I had only two items in my closet that matched my best shades...I got the most compliments"

She also massively simplified the process, teaching me how to find just 2-3 brands I'm obsessed with, how to understand my body shape (finally!), and what my colors were (game-changing!!). I had only two items in my closet that matched my best shades to wear and guess what - those are the two items I got the most compliments on! Raquel takes the intimidating mystery out of our closets. This will sound drastic, but she calmed my emotional baggage

Meredith | Founder

"Raquel will guide you through the process and makes it fun"

I guarantee you'll learn something new from RaquelI always looked forward to our meetings and am excited to apply her timeless strategies. I learned why I gravitated towards certain styles, and which fabrics and clothing were missing from my wardrobe. Raquel will guide you through the process and makes it fun! Getting dressed isn't simply putting on a top + bottoms or a dress; it's imagining a complete outfit that flatters and is memorable. From

Maria Y. | Entrepreneur

Hey, I'm Raquel

Come join me on a journey from burnout to discovering my mission: helping people cultivate authenticity in every part of life, beginning with their wardrobes.

Dive into my story to see how I discovered the transformative power of personal style in my own life, and how I put my engineering and business brain to work, crafting a nifty framework to share that power with you.

Ready? Let's make authenticity your personal style!